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Crown North Talent Agency is a full service premier licensed, SAG-AFTRA Franchised and bonded Talent Agency for Entertainment Professionals. We are a dedicated agency representing every age, size, shape, color and creed. We represent some of the best and finest professionals in the industry…














We are a significant provider of talent services to Casting Directors, Production Companies, Advertising Agencies, Union, Non-Union, for everyone who honors individuality, respect and possibilities. The most significant service we provide is our ability to match the needs and aspirations of our professional talent with those of the Entertainment Industry.

  • Dancers

  • Choreographers

  • Comedians

  • Accent Specific

  • Stunt Persons

  • Authentic Spanish Speaking

  • Multi Language Talents & more

  • Actors

  • Models

  • Singers

  • Kids 5 and over

  • Theatrical

  • Voiceover

  • Singers


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