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A Professional California Franchised Talent Agency

Demo Reel

Voiceover Reel

Talent: Karen Karatz Gonzales
Based in: USA
Union Status: SAG - AFTRA


Karen Karatz Gonzlez was born in Estelí, Nicaragua but grew up in Mexico City, and later moved to San Jose, CA at age seven. She knew she wanted to be an actor when she was nine years old when she went to the movies to see Beetlejuice with her brother and aunt. And although English was new to all of them, they connected with the film even though language was a barrier. She knew right there and then that she wanted to be an actress. As life progressed, she realized that if she was going to make this happen, she simply needed to start. She booked her first background gig working alongside Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, in San Andreas. She has worked on commercials, feature films, Indie films and voice over projects. Acting and Voice Over has opened up her world and she looks forward to more opportunities.  

A Professional California Franchised Talent Agency

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