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Videogame DemoTimothy Saeteurn
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Commercial DemoTimothy Saeteurn
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Timothy Saeteurn Voiceover Resume image. The entirety of Timothy's resume is below as a pdf.

Voiceover Talent: Timothy Saeteurn
Based in: CA, USA
Union Status: Non-Union


Timothy is currently a California-based Voice Talent that has recorded voiceovers for online commercials, college campus tours, a self-care application, and more!
His voice has been described as warm, smooth, informative, laid back, amiable, comforting, conversational, but also friendly and approachable.
It was Tim's love for film, video games, and animation that developed into a passion and pursuit of voice over work. With a passion for the craft, he is ready to work with you on any project (Be it commercials, narration, video games, animation, eLearning, etc.).

A Professional California Franchised Talent Agency

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