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Voiceover Talent: Jyl Woolfolk
Based in: D.C., USA
Union Status: Non-Union

English-American Commercial DemoJyl Woolfolk
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English-American Cartoon Animation DemoJyl Woolfolk
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Jyl Woolfolk CV-VO (1)-1.jpg

Voiceover Talent: Jyl Woolfolk
Based in: CA, USA
Union Status: Non-Union

The Voice of Many Voices! How do you describe Jyl’s voice? How about a diverse range of ages, accents, and emotions, from warm confident, and professional to wacky, comedic and sarcastic! This Jersey native can give you strong, knowledgeable, believable, caring, genuine, storytelling, upscale, smooth, gravitas, classy, sassy, and friendly with a smile. Excellent with technical language. Numerous authentic character voices, perfect as a narrator/avatar.

A Professional California Franchised Talent Agency

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