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Voiceover Talent: Chris Dattoli
Based in: NY, USA
Union Status: Non-Union

Video Game DemoChris Dattoli
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Narration DemoChris Dattoli
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Commercial DemoChris Dattoli
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Chris Dattoli Acting Resume-1.jpg

Chris Dattoli is an NY-based voice actor who has been a part of various video games, audiobooks, visual novels, and animated series, such as “Kon" in the fighter game Konsui Fighter, "Kuroki Maeba" in ReBite: The Psychopathic Chef, "Rower" in the animated series Handaria, Ted in the Halo machinima series Rain, & in the video game Brigandine Grand Edition as Zemeckis, Cador & Paternus. He’s also voiced numerous commercials for brands like Goldman Sachs, Trident, Spotify, Truly, Samsung, and more!


Chris is a long-time fan of anime (back when they were on LaserDisc!) and video games and loves to keep up to date on the newest titles. Whether it's an explainer video, eLearning course, or video games, Chris's voice will add gravity and weight to your project as well as keep your audiences feeling comfortable and confident with your material, which will keep them coming back!

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